Magneto Ignition Supplies

Magneto Ignition Supplies

Magneto Ignition Supplies Ltd. is a small engineering company which has been formed to supply moulded components and spares, including distributor caps, rotor arms, CB covers, etc.  suitable for all types of magnetos.

The manufacturing tooling and moulding equipment was purchased from Independent Ignition Supplies.  It is planned to produce all the components previously supplied by Independent Ignition Supplies and also new products will be introduced in due course.  We supply quality products to trade and enthusiasts alike, 98% of the products we supply are made by us in the UK.

The two directors of the company are engineers each with over 35 year's experience, and are both vintage car and motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. 

All products are listed on the Magneto Parts page including prices.  We send our products all over the world.

We can also manufacture bespoke mouldings in small quantities.

Check out our news page as we have new products and initiatives’ coming online all the time.

We also have around a ton of new and used Wico A parts in stock, too much to list separately however just email your requirements and we will see if we can help.

As well as the new parts we manufacture we have around 1000 magnetos in stock for reconditioning and spare parts again just email for more information.

Use the contact us button to email.